WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Enjoy the Ride

“The vWatch is much nicer than I was expecting a pod device this tiny to be. The battery life is great, it can be hands-free or a detached handheld device, it doesn’t feel cheap, the airflow was thought through for the hands-free option, it actually works as a watch, and the pod flavors are enjoyable.”

It’s Time to Vape

“Vapewear’s menthol is cool. It’s refreshing. It’s not too overpowering. You can take it off your wrist to vape if you want. The draw is similar to a Juul. Kind of a medium mouth-to-lung hit. Bordering on slightly loose.”

Fit to Vape

Two Vapes Up!

“The vWatch can be used while you’re hiking and you don’t want to have to pull your vape out of your pocket. Or while you’re riding a bike. Or if you drive for a living. A truck driver, for instance, who doesn’t want to fumble with a device…We know these guys. Their goal is to get adult smokers to quit smoking.” – Vixen