WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Too many misinformed people believe vaping nicotine juice is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. We, at Vapewear Labs, strongly disagree and believe it is our mission to help spread the word that #VapingSavesLives.

In fact, vaping is 20x safer than smoking according to the most prestigious health organization in England, numerous scientific studies, and 13 million vapers in the U.S., many of whom quit smoking and have been vaping for 10 years without any vaping-related health problems.

The vWatch is the first of its kind combination vape watch that lets you vape without looking for, holding, dropping and storing your device.

Vapewear is a pioneer in the wearable vaporizer industry. We have several patents and are the first to market with a combination vape watch that lets you vape without holding it — a HUGE convenience. Whatever you’re doing, it’s easier with a vWatch because…

Vapewear — is Outta Hand.

Scott Arnel, Founder and President